Live in Brooklyn: Blood Moon, Creative Swoon / by Sam Abelow

The night before the totally amazing blood-super-moon-eclipse-palooza, beginning of fall, I had the opportunity to perform in Brooklyn.

Jack Aldrich filled in on drums, which added a new flavor to the songs with the band. His energy behind the drums, I know was embraced by the audience that night.

It's always nice to change things up; every show has a lot of improvising and this show was certainly no exception. I was inspired to play four new songs, I had written within the week prior to the show.

I'm always working on new material and the audience became aware of the two albums I'm still completing (a live and uncut, and full length studio album), as well as a novel.

So thank you Genevieve for your opening set, Jeff Moss and Jack Aldrich in the band, Wolfe Barret with the photos and everyone who came to participate in an auspicious full moon event.