Combining Color and Sound / by Sam Abelow

On August 21, Rosko Green’s performance at Parkside Lounge in Manhattan’s Lower East Side was the first of several things. The show was Rosko’s first performance in Manhattan, thrown into the mix of numerous Brooklyn performances. The show, which featured several of Rosko’s original paintings, was also the first of a new style of dual-medium showcases by Rosko Green, who is excited by the combination of music and visual arts; two of his passions that he had yet to combine in such a way as this. The performance gave Rosko an opportunity to express himself through both of his chosen artistic mediums all in one venue on one stage.

Three pieces were propped up in front of the stage at the Friday night event, just a few feet from Rosko and his bandmates. The performance concluded with a short acoustic set, after which two of the featured paintings were raffled off to fans in the crowd for free. If you missed the chance to take home to original Rosko Green paintings, don’t worry! Just stay tuned, as there will be many more performances of this style, where audience members will have the opportunity to win original works of art.

“My experiences of painting and making music are very different - they really tap into completely separate wells within my creative unconscious, causing the themes in my music and art to differ greatly. Combining these two art forms in one performance provides a chance for me to say all the things I am compelled to say.”

Rosko is excited to continue making music and art. Coming up is a series of watercolors that will be bound in a book, to go along with each song and the lyrics of his upcoming album.

"For me, creating works of art, which resists the transitory nature of reality, fighting to capture a moment, an emotion, an idea and portray for others to relate to, is a necessity. I'm working on many more paintings, and artistic projects of all sorts"

Written by Jeff Moss

 Self portrait by Rosko Green

Self portrait by Rosko Green