Cultures Casuality: Cara Delevingne / by Sam Abelow

I was stricken with empathy and inspiration when I heard Cara Delevingne say, in an interview at the Women of the World Summit, that “The most important journey I think all of us will go through, is the journey through ourselves; to find who we are and what makes use happy. And in our culture we are told if we’re beautiful, skinny, successful, famous, if we fit, then we’ll be happy. But, that’s not entirely true.” 

People in their late teens and early twenties must undergo the process of coming to understand their identity, and often go through feelings of isolation, but this undertaking is not often talked about publicly and few perceive this struggle from the Instagram feed of a fashion sensation. 

Being the same age as Cara, and having had my own experiences with depression and overall disillusionment with the world we live in, I feel as though I could have an honest conversation with her. The lyrics of this song are approached in that manner.

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For her, it seemed the intense spotlight, and the materialistic industry she was involved with, had torn her away from who she is beyond her exterior beauty. Our culture is so focused on superficiality that it was courageous and admirable for her to expose her tender truth and fresh wounds.

The opening line of my song— “Cara Delevingne, what does life mean?”— stayed with me for a while as the initial spark. This sense of almost ironic, raw truthfulness was carried throughout the song, which I felt was enhanced by another layer; referencing the Beatles classic folk-rock sound.

For a celebrity to reveal their psychological issues and inner struggles, to their young fans, helps to restore some balance in this over-inflated materialistic modern culture. Cara letting people know that the fashion industry was destructive to her mentally, that the glamorous lifestyle was not fulfilling on a deep level, may indeed help awaken the youth to this wisdom.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung
There is no coming to consciousness without pain.
— Carl Jung

So, thank you Cara for inspiring me to create this song. I hope that we all can have the opportunity to strive for profound levels of self-realization and come to know our inner world, values and abilities in order to contribute to the collective.