Issues of the Modern Condition / by Sam Abelow

Art by Jiří Anderle

There are many unprecedented trends that the majority of us take for granted as good and convenient modern developments. A lot of these technologies, which will have only been around for less then a couple decades, will prove to be harmful to health. I say this not to spread fear, but intelligent discerning awareness which may look beyond what the major news corporations like to talk about and look deeper within their own senses to see what is going on.

Food Today

When today’s parents are grandparents were growing up in the early 1900s and mid-1900’s food was locally grown for the most party. There weren’t as many pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavors or GMO food. The outcome and effects of having a diet consisting of these technologically influenced foods, from conception, birth, childhood and adulthood is unknown. This is a huge experimentation going on with the population. It’s as if our minds have become so bloated with hubris we’ve forgotten about the body and it’s natural constitution and connections it the planet.

We cannot expect the parents to understand what is going on. They grew up in a different planet. This new generation must take responsibility for our circumstances and reject what these corporations are offering us as “food”. I’ve witnessed friends “awake” to the ideas presented in countless documentaries like Food Inc, which expose the horrible atrocities going on within the massive farming industry. After watching footage huge warehouses filled with caged chickens, waiting to be slaughtered, they whine; “let’s go to the diner, I’m hungry”. I’m saying the solution is not conceptual awareness, based on documentaries, lectures, or even proselytizing on a blog post; much like my other posts, it comes down to a more fundamental issue which is that we are not connected to our deeper Self.

Fundamental Solutions

Our deeper layers of consciousness, or “soul” if I may use that term in a secular fashion, contains and differentiates individualized, yet generally universally-embracing morals, which most people have not integrated. Instead the television tells them that men drink beer and steak and women what products to buy for their house. We are conditioned to believe that we are not attractive if we don’t buy into our societies corporatized vision of consumption and “having”. This modern “american dream” is destructive in it’s perpetuation of separateness, competition and endless desire. As the planet is decimated for hamburgers, we talk about how “amazing” dinner was. [ ]

The Internet Came Along

I remember when the internet was invented. We were all amazed as modems dialed up and the AOL voice box said “you’ve got mail”. The new technology allowed us so many ways to connect with each other socially, to inspire creativity and make work easier. It also slipped into bed with us, became so alluring, that it never left. Now it’s imprint is forever on our mental and habitual bedsheets.

There could be an entire blog post in and of itself that delves into the what may be the outcome of little kids with their heads inside a two-dimensional screen for half of their life. There are countless effects psychologically and physiologically from using devices so much, and I’m not talking just about carpel-tunnel syndrome. The need to be constantly entertained, stimulated, pleasured is going to exacerbate the tendency of the mind to jump from one thing to the next. The solution is more ADD medication to many, but I’m suggesting that we need to take responsibility for our lives and our children’s lives and embrace what is more pure, organic, natural, wholesome and time tested for the last 3,000 years.

All of this Wi-Fi is basically microwave radiations floating around everywhere, all the time. It’s bizzare that nobody thinks this will have an effect in the future, let alone notice the effects it has on their subtle levels of consciousness (spiritual-stuff my friends, yes). Some countries have already taken initiative to try and do something: “Germany's official radiation protection body also advises its citizens to use landlines instead of mobile phones, and warns of "electrosmog" from a wide range of other everyday products, from baby monitors to electric blankets.”


I'm not suggesting I have all the solutions to these vast problems, but do believe that if we individually make efforts to become educated, act morally, and become self aware there can be improvements made in our culture and society. My personal struggle with finding a center, a place to stand, without being obliterated by the mass of issues, in this world is expressed in this song and music video: