Hate (Love?) About the (New) Music Industry / by Sam Abelow

Everyone I talk to who is a musician, parent of a musician, rapper (there's a lot of those), producer, or engineer in the making has concerns about the current state of the music industry.

There's certainly a lot of "noise" out there; people giving stuff away, creating an expectation that music should be free.

Yesterday I was saying to someone "it's like the wild west out there, and you just have to be down to explore the unknown."

The old model is dead and it's up to the youth to be creative, determined and smart about how to monetize music. 

Streaming services like Spotify and Tidal are sort of irrelevant to what I see the future being for artists. Mac Demarco sold his beat up Vans for $20k on eBay. Nipsey Hustle sold 600 copies of his album, each  for $1000. Our approaches don't need to be this extreme, but I'm pointing out that making money off the the traditional "album sales" will not be the way of the future; instead people will need to think outside the cellophane wrapping. 

Father John Misty's vinyl sold out on Amazon in the first month. There's still music lovers out there; create great art and people will support it!

This is where I DO have a problem with the industry. There's a lot of just outright non-musical, "garbage" out there. But there's also a lot of stuff promoting things that do not help the youth; drugs, alcohol, materialism, etc. I think our culture needs a revival of what is inherently truthful; deep connection, true emotion and understanding.

This is what I'm all about. You can read more ideas and discover a collective of artist's I support at http://triplethreecrew.com