Unity Consciousness: Spiritual Realizations with Practical Purposes / by Sam Abelow

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Unity Consciousness, strictly defined, is when the individual’s consciousness merges with the infinite consciousness (sometimes referred to as God). In the video i describe, that tastes of this transcendent state, can lead to the realization that we are interconnected.

Realizing that our own, individual consciousness has the capacity to realize God, we understand that all beings have that same potential. Through this insight, we have great connection with the life and world around us.

...Every soul that exists is your soul, and every body that exists is your body. And in hurting anyone, you hurt yourself. In loving anyone, you love yourself. As a current of hatred is thrown outside, whomsoever else it hurts, it also hurts yourself. And i love once out from you, it is bound to come back to you. For I am the universe. This universe is my body. I am the Infinite, only I am not consciousness of it now. But I am struggling to get this consciousness of the Infinite...
— Swami Vivekananda

Along with this realization, when one discovers Pure Consciousness (God), they also realize that their thoughts, emotions, and other sense stimulation are not ultimately real— or rather absolutely real. These phenomenon are there, but are impermanent  compared to the unchanging, completely absolute and pure— infinite consciousness that is God.

Penetrating the individual ego mind with the expansive consciousness of a transcendent nature, forever transforms and individual. We don’t have to obtain the ultimate state of, classical “enlightenment” to evolve as persons.

By slowing down and taking the time to access the unknown inner realms of the psyche, including that of pure awareness, one’s world-view, and orientation shifts and becomes expanded. It is humbling to sit before ominous figures of the “collective unconscious”— our inner demons, as well as disintegrate into “nothingness/everything-ness”.

Looking into one’s own being, and actually steering one’s self towards God— not curtailing towards societies conditionings and “religious” dogma— is true evolution. Through that method and inwards action, an individualized set of experiences arises, that seems to encompass understanding for others as well.

He who looks upon the Saint, upon the cow, the elephant, the dog, or the outcast with the same eye, he indeed is the sage and the wise man. Even in this life he has conquered relative existence whose mind is firmly fixed on this sameness; for the Lord is one and the same to all, and the lord is Pure.
— Bhagavad Gita

It is not enough to read, or talk about Unity Consciousness, and “God realization”; we are all frauds, and as confused as an angsty atheist if we are not truly searching and working to actualize, directly realize what we play with conceptually. Doing this under the right guidance and with a discerning mind is key in this day in age.