Debut EP Release Show in Brooklyn / by Sam Abelow

It’s been about a year since the live band, Doc Ra on drums and Forrest Savage on bass, got together for the first time. In the meantime I've written many new songs and further developed my craft. These efforts to improve as a guitarist, singer and songwriter all come together on Friday night at Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn.

The audience responded with so much love, surprised at the number of original tunes we pumped out. As I jumped into my first improvised guitar solo of the nigh, on the chorus of an upcoming song “Eternal Sleep”, the crowd cheered me on, and I responded by putting my heart into the notes.

Music is an incredibly transporting medium for me. When I perform my live set I enter an elevated state of consciousness. For the majority of the performance I am no longer concerned by the inhibitions or even observations of the mind. It is profoundly meditative, as you may notice my eyes closed for the majority of the set. All of the foundation work has allowed my creative expression to flow naturally. When the audience connects and encourages me, it feels blissful.

Before playing “Song for Molly”, I mentioned to the audience that it had been about five years since I wrote the song after leaving Brooklyn, where I had been living only a couple blocks away from Freddy's. During that time, over half a decade ago, I was playing "Song for Molly" with Josh. He has been there supporting me many years now, but it seems utterly natural for these old songs to be making first impressions on people today.

During the performance of “Ghost Girl”, which will be the first single off an upcoming full-length project, I felt the audience respond immediately to the opening riff and then came along on a journey. By the time I launched into the final chorus, screaming “I don’t wanna wait no more”, my physical and metaphysical heart was also launching out of my chest! Sharing these songs in a room full of cheering people meant so much to me. It was only six months ago that I sat in a bedroom, completely alone, piecing together that song.

The cheers for encores kept coming, and my manager and friend Jeff Moss, called out for “Thick Skin”, off of the debut EP. Without the band I intuitively eased into a slower, more emotional version. I began to say “I’m finding it hard to be in the world” and revealed that “everything seems to get at me”, the slower pacing of the song really allowed me to convey the emotion of the lyrics.

I cannot wait to perform again. If you missed the show, you might enjoy watching this video, which captured many of the highlights of the performance. Stay tuned, by following me on social media, or joining my email list, about upcoming gigs in the NYC area!