The Reincarnation: Rosko Green Debut EP / by Sam Abelow

For over eight years I’ve gone by the stage name Rosko Taint. I always associated the “taint” with the quality of darkness; the tarnished aspect of my personality, while Rosko represented the positive. I want to keep the name Rosko; it’s become embedded into my personality. People sometimes call out “Rosko!” and my reflexes cause my head to turn. There was a DJ in the 70s that my parents always listened to. He was all about peace and love. This name is dear to my heart.

The new name is Rosko Green, because my grandma’s maiden name is Green. I also feel that Green represents the Heart and the divine feminine. So within Rosko Green, there is a representation of the divine masculine and feminine; the animus and anima.

In meditations I often see those two colors strongly intertwining in diff ways. they represent the masculine and feminine polarities within our psyche and the cosmos; Shiva and Shakti. So Rosko is the Purple, and Green is well… the Green! This is why you often see these two colors in my paintings.

A friend and rapper I’m working with, Everyman was referring to me as Rosko “un-tainted.” I encouraged his use of that phrase and responded about how I feel this renewal in my life and no longer feel the negativity.

It’s time to turn a new chapter in my personal and music life. I’ve been working on a solo album, which will now be the first self titled album of Rosko Green, for several years now. This project is very dear to me and it’s eventually release, hopefully November 2015, is a big moment for me. In the mean time, this new EP is my first release under this new pseudonym.

-Rosko Green (NME Taint)