Sincere Struggles Expressed in Retro Rock / by Sam Abelow

It was originally Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and so forth that got me interested in playing guitar and songwriting. I picked up a black and white (squire) Stratocaster, convinced it was the same as Eric Clapton’s, when I was 12 years old. Fast forwarding over the years, I was involved with a slew of collaborations and solo projects, with different names and sounds. The eclectic and sometimes strange mixture of sonic influences spanned hip hop to psychedelic noise.

Things came full circle over the last two years as I began writing for my upcoming EP and solo album.   I found myself rediscovering and entirely absorbed with a classic rock n’ roll, gospel-folk sound and songwriting style. What I was writing seemed to reflect John Lennon, The Band, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

This was unexpected, and arose from the deeper resources of my soul. I began to tell stories about the suffering in my life. The existential emotional pain that comes with being a sensitive person, in a confusing and harsh world. Despite being blessed in many ways, life always seemed a struggle. Lyrically, my songs exposed these vulnerabilities, with the intention to, not only explore and heal these things within myself, but to have listeners relate and feel less alone themselves.

During the process of writing over 20 songs for this upcoming EP and LP, I felt myself open up and evolve musically, in both singing and guitar playing. As well as evolving in my technical abilities in production and music engineering. Still, a song written early on (summer 2013), titled “Thick Skin,” has become the pinnacle song of this soon to be release debut EP, under the new name Rosko Green. Another standout track is “Ouch,” originally written in 2012, but now re-arranged and re-recorded with a driving rhythmic foundation, and full, yet direct sound.