Spiritual Significance of the Rosko Green EP / by Sam Abelow

Modern Day Mystic

Artists are people who are stirred by the world, by life, people, dreams, colors and sounds. These individuals are then are compelled to formulate these emotions and conceptual notions into various mediums.

The Rosko Green Ep, my debut project, spans several years and a variety of inspirational experiences. I am a modern day mystic, an explorer of my own psyche, and the archetypal and transpersonal domains as well.

I experience moments of Cosmic Consciousness, or union with the energy field behind all of creation, which fuels my determination to create, produce and share. Astral and dream explorations also inspire and enrich my writings, songs and perspective.

Seeing the Unity in the Dualities

The song “Ouch” was in written in the Summer of 2012, during a melodramatic bout of love pain that drowned my mind and body. This particular song expresses the sort of transcendental joy that any sort of intense emotion can point towards, when witnessed from a third perspective.

I ironically say, over a classic rock jam; “Today I found my feelings depend, my knees they weaken” and then shout “I love you so much it hurts”. To me it’s clear the song is a recognition the drama of life, whether painful, sad or tumultuous in any way, has beauty.

Joining the sad lyrics with the lights chords, is a unification of the dualities of life. In this way I’ve created a modern expressed of Cosmic Consciousness, in a rock ’n roll format. 

Incarnated in the Material World

Star Children, Crystal Children, lost and wandering souls on this Earthly domain; those with past lives as Sadhus, Monks, Hermits, Shamans— we find this domain challenging. We are spacey, tend to daydream and struggle so much in our deep thoughts and sensitive feelings.

The second track acknowledges these inner hardships, conflicts with the outer world, and ironically refers to “Thick Skin” in the title. All of this occurring on a sort of retro John Lennon or Lou Reed type groove.

One foot in the Ocean of Consciousness

Through the psychedelic experience, spiritual exaltation or dream yoga, one’s personal ego becomes re-orientated, with perspective of the greater world, and cosmos.

In these altered states of consciousness we directly see and experience the interconnectedness of the world; how life moves and recycles itself. We see, in these mystical dimensions, the vastness of the universe and cannot help but see how small we really are.

Simultaneously, deep insight and contemplation will reveal the poignancy of the individual experience, with its potent emotions and concepts. Realization that the present moment, with all of its spacious beauty is where truth resides.

This is why I chant “I think I know why everything’s alright” on track four. It’s an expression of a spiritual seeker, who has one foot in the ocean of pure consciousness and another foot in the material world.

Shamans, Spiders and Spiritual Shifts

“Blood Sacrifice” vaguely mentions my past experiences and brings one up to date with some recent adventures. It is a fact that, as the song mentions, “my momma told me not to watch TV” and “the doctor scolds me cause I don’t take vaccines”. My mom has been practicing Yoga for over 30 or 40 years and had an intuitive sense that we needed to eat healthy and stay away from too much television when we were kids. Although, she relaxed as time went on, I attribute her sensitivities to the spiritual realities and interest in the esoteric philosophies which have helped influence me on the path. 

Dealing with the paradigm that we exist in can be troubling; fluoride in the water, vaccines, manipulation through the mass media, food, education. I escaped to the Amazon at the end of 2012 and was rocked by my experiences with a Shaman.

I interpret the chorus and bridge about blood sacrifices to metaphorically and somewhat ironically, even satirically refer to the sacrifice of my own body, mind and heart to this transformation, which is powerful, painful and profound.

One Great Wild Love

Love is all. There is no other but this One Great Wild Love. Romantic love is an expression of the divinity, the pure blissful consciousness that pervades all of creation, and was before creation. As two people come together in loving union and entangle romantically, each of the individuals bring out this essence, this experience within the other.

If one meditates deeply enough it is revealed that behind the veils of the body, mind and subtle elements, is absolute consciousness. We taste this with ecstatic moments in romantic relationships, whether it be in sexual union, or in the throws of new or renewed love. Please enjoy the vibrations of “Love Song” with this in your mind and heart.