Indigenous and Modern Wisdom / by Sam Abelow

Our modern society is largely imbalanced and so the more natural, indigenous cultures can become fascinating.  We, as people born in this western world, need to help shape the future of mankind and fully express our individual potential, by embracing our Western rationality and capabilities (to build houses, instruments, whatever else) as well as recognizing where we’ve gone wrong and strayed too far from our connection with the earth and the spiritual domains.

Then we can build new communities using permaculture, and information gathered from both the indigenous and more advanced civilizations. If we have a serious medical issue that natropathy and holistic healing can’t treat, we should take advantage of modern medicine– that’s just an example to make the overall point

From the Jugnian perspective, the primitive man was in fact more in touch with the Unconscious or "spiritual" domain, and therefore often less neurotic. Today people are so rational and materialistic that they’ve lost all connection with this domain of existence. 

It’s up to us as individuals to connect with the “spiritual” domain and experience it directly, while also remaining grounded, creating a strong sense of evolution. The key is not to regress and attempt to reject any development of individuality and rationality, but to use those developments to enhance our creativity and spirituality. This means not giving into a fascination with the primitive, group experience at the mercy of unconscious and instinctual drives.

Not everybody will be up for this task, but getting together in communities of like-minded people is great. It's important that individuals take the initiative and become self-motivated to evolve.