Pivotal Performance: I am the Modern Shaman of Electric Love / by Sam Abelow

My gig on July 25th at Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn was a pivotal moment for me artistically. Having my long-time collaborator and drummer on all of my recordings, James Southworth, as well as my old friend, Jeff Moss, who laid down the bass grooves all night, was profoundly inspiring.

It was apparent to the audience that I felt incredibly comfortable with these good friends backing me up. The rhythm section remained incredibly solid, tasteful and propulsive as I took flight. I felt immediately that my vocals reached new heights.

Back to back performances of "Ghost Girl," which will be on my first full length and upcoming project, and "Thick Skin," which is featured off my debut Rosko Green EP, had me feeling totally in the moment. The music that we created caused the audience to have a variety of reactions.

Tuning into different people's faces with their movements, smiles, jaw-dropping expressions intrigued me. Moving between the external reality and the inner sensations of performing musically was a novel experience.

Mystical and Musical Participation

In the spontaneous finale I was in an energetically possessed state of mind. I felt a strange, natural altered state of mind, which emanated in the playing, as well as the banter between songs. The support and interest from the crowd touched me.  At one point, someone chanted out to do an "OM" and I decided to go for it. The room took on an elevated aura as some who may never have been to a Yoga class or meditation retreat joined in on the chant.

Audience participation and interaction is something I find fun and inspiring. On songs like "Ouch" I brought the crowd "back to elementary school" and taught them to sing along to the simple chorus. For my cover of "The Weight," by the Band, everyone started clapping and singing along enthusiastically.

All of these explorations, interactions and artistic expressions made for a beautiful evening in Brooklyn, that I will hold in my memory. It is also documented in this video clip: