Live from The Green Room / by Sam Abelow

Love and Artistic Grace

Rosko Green has a way of showering the room and audience with a wave of energy and emotion, and this weekend’s show at Parkside Lounge in NYC fell nothing short of that. Walking into the back room, I was immediately charged with the electric surge of Rosko's powerful guitar and soul felt voice. 

His songs put a charm on the audience, filling our minds with anecdotes of summer tales - which everyone can relate to during these last dog days of August. The rest of the band, Jeff and Josh were fantastic, solid and lookedcomfortable on stage. The crowd cheered and I glanced around to happily see smiles bouncing from face to face during the set. 

Rosko, surrounded by his paintings seemed to be painting another masterpiece on his guitar, effortlessly jamming out in the Eric Clapton-like way rock lovers crave. Getting there a little late, the hour set flew by, but with cheering and yelling out from the audience, Rosko grabbed his acoustic guitar for his final encore which sounded beautiful and closed the show with love, thanks and natural artistic grace. Needless to say, I'm already excited for the next show.


Transporting Emotions

Good music has the ability to move emotions, great music has the ability to transport them. As Rosko’s cousin, your passion for art has been an experience I've been privy to over the past decade, but seeing the culmination of his passion as he and his band performed in front of an intimate crowd, with your paintings strewn in front of you was surreal. His set was beautiful, and moving and when it ended I felt cheated. I wanted more. I cannot begin to express how much I admired Rosko’s stage presence, and seeing it all come together after hearing about all the work you've put forth over the years was unlike anything I have experienced.


I was in a very special room that night—the Green Room.  In this room, the music of Rosko Green and his band (Josh Rauh, drums and Jeff Moss, bass) becomes a place of high energy and intimate musical truth; stripped of artifice, cuts across the air to the heart.  The music is beyond simple genre descriptions:  singer-songwriter—check; blow your mind rock—check; retro pop lyrics—check (well sort of—there is always a twist of irony).  With the band in full flight, toes are tapping and heads nodding, but it’s much more—we are being transported.  The Green Room is collectively experiencing what Rosko described between songs as music being the medium towards a soul-connecting inner/ mystical realm.  Climb onboard, come and see Rosko Green perform.