New Release: Live and Uncut Album / by Sam Abelow

Over the past six months I've spent endless hours in his studio self-producing the best tunes from my musical catalog. Everyone who came to the shows in NYC last summer helped inspired my new album, Birth Certificate: The Basement Tapes.

During these shows in Brooklyn, I reconnected with the gritty, in-the-moment inspiration and lo-fi sound that initially turned me onto rock and roll. I wanted to capture that energy of my live performances, which often featured extended guitar solos.

The first single, "Home," is a great example of the authentic retro sound I'm pursuing. You can stream it here.

Mastered on vintage analog tape, Birth Certificate: The Basement Tapes is an exploration in recording music with completely live instruments. It is a document of years worth of songwriting, recording and performing. Take a listen and get transported to the front row.

You can stream the album here:

download the full album [MP3]: