Poem: Venture to See Places Unknown / by Sam Abelow

Let us venture to see places yet unknown;

We are little warriors to be, who may return to our homes.

Suckle, and nestle; twist and turn,

Living in shackles, but full of leisure.

Maidens, and suitors dance in the evening;

The moon is a magnet, pulling our moods.

Rest with me tonight, lover that soothes.


My heart. My breath. My sleep. My Dreams.

In waking and walking, your presence is wanted.


Painted faces, red and white — their voices call out,

But they are muted and weakened, and cannot be heard.


Her vital crevice was scratched with repressions:

Too many emotions that found no severance.

I grazed the surface, whispers of closeness;

Our eyes, like cameras moving into focus.

Meet me in the middle, there we can find

Something that’s limitless, yet just a moment in time.

Untitled Poem written April 2015, photograph from yesterday evening.

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