Sunday Evening Poetry: Variety of Atrocities / by Sam Abelow

Found object collage, 2011 | See the portfolio of mixed media here

On the first Sunday of every month, I will release a new poem. Please enjoy this inaugural installment. Let me know what you think! Do you relate to any of the sentiments? Does the vastly diverging situation of modernity feel disorientating at times? I'd love to hear from you.

Variety of Atrocities

Written April 26th, 2016 | By Sam Abelow aka Rosko Green

Hold me close,
I don't want to see
The dollars bills
That keep us in slavery.
Religion kills;
Religion saves.
No answers will come today.

Hold me close,
I don't want to know
Who died today
While I was in my own:
Mindless mood;
New age groove.
A conversation is where it starts.

Hold me close,
I want simple things:
A loving home;
A lazy cat.
Only the lucky know where that's at.

Hold me close,
So I won't have to see
The variety of atrocities.
24-Hour news;
Friday nights of booze.
I'm nobody to the schmoozing loons.

Weekend nights,
"Our sex life."
Action flicks,
Bikini tops.
Single moms
Smoking bong.

Private prison
Real estate
Market Crash
Religious right,
Bleeding heart,
Hawkish tone,

Girlish boys,
Mannish girls,
And holy noise.
Liquor run
And Cancer sticks.

Guns and jeans,
Shabby chic,
Designer drugs,
Liquid love.
Festival crowd,
Organic meat,
Pity fuck,
And drugged up slut.

Streaming porn,
That's gluten free.
Business deals
In outer space;
Droughts in China,
No escape.

Target practice,
Slut shaming,
Rape culture,
Still a virgin at eighteen.