Sunday Evening Poetry: A List of I Loves / by Sam Abelow

Digital collage, featuring a sketch I completed in 2013

This poem was composed on a series of Post-it notes, which lead to the list format. After the initial inspiration I refined the list into the final version.

A List of 'I Loves'

Written April 23rd, 2016 | By Sam Abelow aka Rosko Green

I love…

The white heads on nipples;
The sore feeling of tired eyes;
The pressure of jeans against flesh;

I love…

When conversation is aimless;
Simple misunderstandings
And slips of the tongue.

I love…
How merely her continued affection
Attracts my starved narcissistic needs;
Unattractive strangers whom I can entertain.

I love…
Knowing I’m insane
And following it all the way.

I love…
Us Not talking for a long while,
Then forgetting why we stopped.

I love…
Removed friends who are reckless and destructive,
When I’m just not.

I love…
Lying, while looking straight into someone’s eyes.

I love…
How guys are such brutes
And are shameless about their desires.

I love…
When my skin tans and freckles
And becomes pungent with sea salt and sweat.

I love…
The ocean breeze underneath sweltering heat.

I love…
Documentaries that uncover complications,
Then leave one drained, yet more aware.

I love…
The shadow of strong light;
Thick waving hair,
Or braided locks as they
Flop across a jostling back.

I love…
Anticipation and anxiety,
Because it shows me how
Vulnerable and weak I am:
That is, at the mercy of
Some happened upon stimulus.

I love…
The idea that our ideas are worth sharing;
That a child is worth bearing,
In order to see this disturbing world.

And I love…
To pray to make it with girls:
One that is smart and cute,
And calls me out on my
Aloof and distorted truth.

I love…
The veins on hands and arms;
Eyelashes which have fallen on a wet cheek;
Or the clouded eyes of someone
Who’s made a blunt mistake.

I love…
Knowing I will someday die.

Sometimes I wish that would happen
In a given instant — As if in a flash,
Or only just for a moment or two.

Then I remember I love…
Poems; And encounters,
And things that inspire poems.

And I love that very remembrance
And I love that I love that.