Rosko's Book of Songs and Visions: Blood and Tears / by Sam Abelow

For the song "Blood and Tears" I have created a triptych, which illustrates three contrasting sentiments. These divergent aspects all swirl around a central theme -- is that immature love? desire and longing? Unrequited, unexpressed, condemning and immaterial.

The first image related to the motif's in the song, I call "Romantic." What is this? The innocent hope for a serene kiss; the joining of lovers in a certain paradise.

The second image illustrates a more hidden dynamic, which thrusts the compulsions behind the song: erotic impulses, lust and the sexual instinct. 

Finally there is a state of being overwhelmed, where the fantasy of this lover towers -- unreal, made of stone. And so the I succumb to the weight of those emotions -- hopeless, aloof, deserted in the empty plains and hills of some distant place.

Details of the erotic installment. Click to view in high-resolution.

This version of "Blood and Tears" was recorded in November, 2015. I performed all the instruments, including drums, organ and guitar, as well as the vocals.

The lyrics of "Blood and Tears," originally composed in June, 2012 (almost exactly four years ago)

For "Birth Certificate: The Basement Tapes" I have sourced all of my favorite, most memorable, most potent songs from the years 2011 through 2014. This culmination of many years worth of songwriting, comes together in a purposefully loose, raw and understated form.

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