Filled an Entire Sketchbook This December / by Sam Abelow

I have been collecting and archiving sketchbooks since I was twelve years old. But this is the first time I ever filled a sketchbook so fast! Below is a selection of the work completed in December.

Please click on an image to enlarge. Then you may use the arrow keys to flip through the series:

You may choose to inquire to purchase and original or print of any of these works.

This outpouring of inspiration is much in thanks to my girlfriend Madeline, who has stirred inspiration in a myriad of ways. Her stunning beauty and mysterious soul stirs my psyche with boundless compositions. The various outings we’ve made to cafes, restaurants and stores offer further opportunities for life studies and inspirations. Her keen artistic eye and honest feedback has helped encourage me to push my work forward.

The extended series on the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra was inspired by an article that Madeline referred to me. Reading about this esoteric text brought me back to the wonderful summers, where meditations at the beach and in the forest lead to ecstatic and unspeakable states of surrender to the absolute. My work in recent months had been steering away from mysticism, but this resurgence makes me want to complete these images in the form of a fully-realized graphic novel.

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