Songs of Longing: Debut Album / by Sam Abelow

I first picked up the guitar and began singing when I was twelve years old. Something about the honesty in folk and blues music inspired me to find my voice.

Over the years I have helped many other songwriters record their albums. Now, I have come to the spotlight, discovered my individual style and feel ready to share it with the world.

The lyrics in my debut album “Songs of Longing,” reflect my struggles with sorrow and isolation. Behind this project was a longing to open myself up to life and discover love. In the process of writing these songs, I dove into the dark waters of the mind and discovered places in myself fruitful and true.

I hope to share these visions of ecstasy and fear, love and loss, and, most of all, the desire to feel more deeply and to be free from my limitations.

The Depths and Dimensions of My Journey

In my personal life, which bled into the music, I was on an inner quest, into my unconscious to seek out my authentic self. The lyrics and mood illustrate this confusing, psychedelic and mysterious experience. Eventually, the redemption did come to pass, which is foreshowed towards the end of the album in the song “The New Day.”

Musically, I was challenged to discover how I could best sing to get across the emotion. I also learned so much about producing an album: from reaching to record the best quality drums, to the effective structure of the choruses and verses.

I have so many people to thank, for their efforts and contributions in this process, both psychologically and musically.

I hope you enjoy the results.

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