Evolution of the Revolving Form / by Sam Abelow

 This painting, featuring a multiplicity of revolving forms, exemplifies a fully-realized version of my meditations.

This painting, featuring a multiplicity of revolving forms, exemplifies a fully-realized version of my meditations.

This blog post documents the developments in my interest in what I call the "Revolving Form." All images are taken from a sketchbook which was maintained between January 9th and March 19th, 2017.

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I refer to these drawings, marked left to right, as Mandala No. 1 through 5.


All of these forms were seen during a meditation, or state of deep relaxation on March 11th. I drew and colored them simply, for documentation purposes.

In these series of variations, such as in Mandala No. 3 I saw other objects around the revolving lines. This included a prism (triangle) and a sphere (circles). These other objects seemed to have their own gravity or "strange physics." I have not yet decided how I put this into a painting.

Mandala No. 4 puts the revolving shapes in a simple landscape, which renders a perspective. I found this compelling during the meditation, but am not sure about its usefulness in a painting quite yet.

It may be that during this meditative experience I became more immersed in the nature of these revolving forms, and a diary or documentation of the experiences instilled the lessons behind their various behaviors. 

Mandala No. 5 proved to be the most elegant drawing of the series. This composition includes the simple "revolving form," but has above it a sphere, which acts with its own "physics." What is most effective might be the symmetry and simplicity of the composition. If it were to be included in a painting, the colors would not be so caustic and crude.

Revolving Form, Within A Sphere (One and Two).

These two sketches, in charcoal and pastel, were intended for a 22x30 piece of wood. I forgot about the sketches and one day just began painting a multiplicity of revolving shapes. Anyways, these two compositions render more realistically how I see the forms, which are nebulous and ephemeral, within my meditation.

A Renewal

This vision occurred on March 11th, during a meditation, or state of deep relaxation, where my vision is turned inwards. A rich blue background is currently drying on a canvases which is intended for this composition. I find this image compelling because it integrates the emotion of movement and bursting energy, with abstraction (the revolving shapes) and representation (the figures who stand beside a sort of well, or tunnel, hole in the ground).

Unfolding Revolving Form

This form presented itself on March 11th during meditation. I see this as the same revolving shape I have been working with, just unfolded.

During my visualization experience, the static and horizontal/vertical lines drooped, and extended, in opposite directions, to create this mirroring swoop. The patterned, randomized shapes that revolved around the center-point, have a life-like, jelly-filled-with-light appearance, that the pastels do a decent job capturing.

I have prepared a canvas with a lush background and will complete the painting shortly.

A plastic peanut butter jar went through the dishwasher and melted in strange directions. I decided to draw it; this might be called a "Still Life." I felt that the composition needed another element, so I spontaneously drew the revolving shapes bursting out from below. This has a similar theme to my "Renewal" composition. I am now enthralled with this "Still Life," and have prepared a canvas with a rich orange hue background (as of March 31st).

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