Rosko's Modern Life: Winter / by Sam Abelow

Sites, visions, thoughts from throughout Winter 2017

Life is a mystery;

My art is an exploration of mystery, housed within the pursuit of life.

We do not live in a world of matter and facts;

We live in a world of embodied values

We live as embodied spires, moving through life.

After meeting an art collector in November, who critiqued and encouraged my work, I setup a the easel and got out the oil paint. The revolving forms, which I had invented in summer 2016, became of interest again. My intense exploration into these compositions commenced in Janurary and February. This continued on untill a full aesthetic was executed up into March.

Towards the end of winter, my aesthetics were still developing. I certainly took on ambitious canvases, but a cohesion and sense of satisfaction was not met. I still look at the "Grid of Green Dots" as a successful painting, of which the process of creating is documented.

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