Luna O. Announces Debut Single “Hey Boo” / by Sam Abelow

Luna O. Teams up With Producer Rosko Green in her Summer Debut of the Headbanging Single “Hey Boo.”

by Jeff Moss

Songwriter and vocalist Luna O teams up with producer Rosko Green for their debut single “Hey Boo.”

Luna O.’s gifted vocals team up with Rosko’s extensive production skills  to make a notable power duo. Their first track will have listeners bumping their heads to the psychedelic trap bass and ethereal verses as they ride out to the beach.

I asked Luna a few questions after listening to the mystical song:

What I really love about this song are the lyrics - they’re pretty out there. What is this song about?

Luna O.: The song is about the time we decided to do an intuitive ritual on this July’s full moon. We spent some time at the beach that night watching the orange moon rise, decorated each other with paint, and burned incense, paying homage to the metaphorical gods. The following week, we were in the studio, Rosko and I came up with this beat and he suggested I sing about our experience that night, and that’s where it all started.

I know you two are dating. What is the dynamic like while you’re in the studio versus just hanging out?

Luna O.: We both just get really into the music. I don’t really know a lot of technical terms for synths or sound effects and things like that, but he’s really good at knowing exactly what I want to add. Since our tastes are pretty similar, we’re able to make beats together by just trying out different ideas and vibing off of each other.

What inspires your style?

Luna O.: I’m inspired by modern music and its capacity to blend together genres and sounds that previously stood on opposing ends of the music world. And I’m inspired by a variety of music but I suppose what we’re doing is most reminiscent of people like Doja Cat, Jhene Aiko, SZA, and Willow Smith.

Rosko has worked in all sorts of different genres from (insert genre here) to (insert genre here) and so he’s able to draw inspiration from all that past experience.

What direction do you see your music career going in?

Luna O.: We’re just doing this for fun at the moment, but if people like it and want more we’d definitely be into going with it.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

No problem, thanks.

You can listen to this collaboration and download it for free on Soundcloud.


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