The Embrace With Revolving Forms / by Sam Abelow

"The Embrace with Revolving Forms and Colored Dots." Oil paint, on 36x48 canvas.

The video diary below documents the process of completing this painting, which happened between Febuary and August 2017.

 Original charcoal drawing concept -- "Intertwined No. 4"

Original charcoal drawing concept -- "Intertwined No. 4"

It took me about three or four weeks to complete. Although, technically I began work in February when I originally came up with the concept, which I drew with charcoal on paper. Then I transferred the drawing to this large canvas sometime in March.

The canvas sat for several months until late July when I suddenly knew what to do in terms of the stylistic effects and palette. I then completed the light colored background. After a week of drying, I went in and painted the figures. When the purple and green had dried I completed the revolving forms and dots over the course of the past two days.

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