Demoiselles d’Instagram: Exploration of the Feminine in Society and Art by Sam Abelow

The “D’Madsoille de Instagram” series, presented by Tibor de Nagy, offers an opportunity to delve into these matters and contemplate what it means to consume and therefore support the production of objectifying, sexualized images today.

Whether it has been men’s reductive treatment of women, the courtesans of history, or Instagram models using their sexualized bodies as a basis for a career, an inner relationship to the archetypal feminine that is limited and ruled by libido is at the core.

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To Lay With Aphrodite by Sam Abelow

To Lay With Aphrodite. Samuel Abelow, 2018. Oil paint on un-stretched linen canvas, 48x36,

To Lay With Aphrodite


Charmed, might she be, by the song

Of a Dionysian prince, there is not

But the hint of sadness in their kiss,

Avalanching forth a fire-filled trance.


Reclining, she lowers her eyes,

Filling them with lavender amethyst,

Shifting them into an eternal midnight,

Rendering her captive into a mongrel.


Safely having reaped this harvest moon,

Aphrodite is engulfed in turquoise,

The tides of lapis having become his home.

Painting Process: Archetypal Ideas in a Personal Art by Sam Abelow

Paintings are essentially about communication — that is, of an idea, an emotion, either ambiguous or direct, purposeful. After completing the work in October 2017, the painting was rolled-up and set aside. It wasn’t until Johannes Böckmann, a German theological student contacted me wishing to collect several works. Among those he was drawn to was the “Pastoral Scene.” When I asked him what the painting meant to him, the way in which he understood the symbolic content, touching down to the archetypal core, was astounding. His reaction reconnected me with the painting.

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Paul Gauguin: Desire and Immortality by Sam Abelow

Paul Gauguin, a painter of the 1890’s, achieved an immortality through his art. Much of his drive to create was a compulsion in which he sacrificed his well-being to achieve. Yet, the contents of his imagination and intellect live on in the cultural canon of Western art, and his aesthetics propagated a new vision of art, influencing the likes of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The psychological power behind such a drive will be explored in this essay, along with much more.

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Still Life: Alchemy and Archetype by Sam Abelow

This style, known as Cloissonism or Synthetism, was developed in the late 1890s by famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Other, lesser-known proponents were Maurice Denis, Cumo Amiet and Emile Bonnard, who have all influenced me greatly. The use of strong colors, visible paint strokes and thickened shapes, broadly outlined seems to come naturally to me.

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An Artist’s Case for the Moderation of Technology by Sam Abelow

The excessive technological stimulation causes many of us to ignore the Life which exists in slow and open moments when we are able to absorb each other and the world around us. Recognition of the downtempo pace of a pre-technological existence is a needed counterbalance.

Flashy screens, moving images, endless songs to stream and infinite news stories are all alluring. Widely accessible content, from comedy to calamity, becomes addictive to our minds which are designed for curiosity. Please, in the days after reading this pay attention to your own habits.

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Living Myths in Paint: Sandro Chia Exhibit by Sam Abelow

There are two painters I currently admire above all the rest, although there are many examples enduring works of art. The first is Paul Gauguin, who painted actively in the late 1890’s. The second is Sandro Chia. I attended Chia’s first exhibit in New York City after a decade, at the Marc Straus gallery this late winter, early spring 2017. On display were a couple dozen affecting and mature paintings.

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My Party Polemics by Sam Abelow

    On a humid evening in the middle of Brooklyn, as thunderclouds indecisively condensed, threatened and then broke apart, I arrived at a long warehouse. There my friend Rachel and older sister Lizzie were putting together the final touches to the event space . At midnight I was to turn 25. But this year was monumental for another reason then my being on this planet for a quarter-century.

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