Rosko Green Music

Songs of Longing

I first picked up the guitar and began singing when I was twelve years old. Something about the honesty in folk and blues music inspired me to find my voice. 

Over the years I have helped many other songwriters record their albums. Now, I have come to the spotlight, discovered my individual style and feel ready to share it with the world. 

The album, "Songs of Longing," reflects my struggles with sorrow and isolation; the songs burst with a longing to open myself up to life and discover love. In the process of writing these songs, I dove into the dark waters of the mind and discovered places in myself fruitful and true. 

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Birth Certificate: the basement Tapes

Birth Certificate: The Basement Tapes is an exploration in recording music with completely live instruments — the way it sounds live, and mastered on vintage analog tape. It is a document of years worth of songwriting, recording and performing. Take a listen and get transported to the front row.



Connecticut-based producer and songwriter debuts with a homegrown EP you'd never guess was recorded in his basement studio. Recorded on analog tape, Rosko Green pays tribute to rock and roll's DIY past with an entirely self-produced, original EP. Check out songs like "Ouch" for an unexpected dose of Hendrix-style guitar playing, or check out the more mellowed "Thick Skin" for a stroll along the beach.