Rosko Green - "Ouch"
Do Was a Deer

Music video directed and edited by Rosko Taint & Steve Deluca to support the re-release of the "Rosko Taint" LP

Fuck a NWO/Dolphin Friends

This medley music video is a statement on what <333 is all about! The lyrics and music contrast between the delusion of material existence and the expansiveness of the mystical experience.

StarSkins - The Lovers

Fly into this vivid-dream-like world with Rosko and the StarSkins.

Wishful Thinking

Can you handle the experience of Rosko's mystical mind, as portrayed in this very psychedelic and often kaleidoscopic video?

Filmed and Directed by Rosko Taint

StarSkins - Wings of Light

Published September 19th, 2012. Filmed and Directed by Jon Karmen.